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Conrad Kimball

Conrad has been involved with the club for the past three years and is an alumni of the Entrepreneur Mentor Program. He is the CEO of UNICO Marketing LLC and volunteers his time with LiveAgain Fresno, a local non-profit. He is always excited to talk about entrepreneurship. You can find him playing basketball at the rec center or watching a Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game.

Entrepreneurship: The ability to affect change.

Tyler Puccio

Tyler joined the CEO club last spring while in search for a group of likeminded individuals. The club welcomed him with open arms and provided a catalyst to begin his journey as an entrepreneur. He works with the Fresno State athletic department to prepare the young student-athletes for the years to come. His passion for self-expression and living life to fullest drives him in all his endeavors. 

Entrepreneurs: Individuals with intent to leave a legacy.

Rafi Santillan

Before becoming VP of Membership for the Entrepreneurship club, Rafaela Santillan has been pursuing her degree in Communicative Disorders focusing on Speech Pathology. Her entrepreneurial spirit lead her to start her own business in 2015-- She is the CEO of Brain Freeze Co. and a connoisseur of gourmet packaged ice cream.

Entrepreneurship: Having enough courage to bring something unknown into existence in order to live free and thrive.

William Van Heusen

I am a Senior studying Entrepreneurship at the Craig School of Business and an alumni of the Laval Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 17, when I first started teaching ballroom dance lessons as an independent instructor at Dianna's Studio of Dance in Tower District. From my experience as a dance instructor I learned a lot about sales, marketing, client management, and professionalism.  Now I am part of the Marketing team at Deli Delicious Franchising Inc. which has helped me grow as an entrepreneur in ways I never expected a traditional office job would. I am always interested in hearing about new opportunities or offering advice, and love to talk about entrepreneurship with anyone who will listen.
My definition of Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is the dedication to generate positive social change and profit through innovation and the acceptance of the associated risks.

Aubrey Lim

Hello, I’m Aubrey! 

As the Secretary of the Entrepreneurship club, I make sure that ideas don’t get stuck in the idea pipeline, but develop into action. I do this by taking great notes and facilitating communication across all levels of the organization. My experience in entrepreneurship comes first-hand from founding and growing Aubrey’s Jerky, the company that makes eating beef jerky sustainable. I am studying for a Food Systems Entrepreneurship degree at California State University, Fresno, and am constantly fascinated by alternative proteins, food-tech start-ups, and growing heirloom tomatoes. 

I don’t believe that you need to be an entrepreneur to live a great life; for me, entrepreneurship is the path to seek abundant opportunities, be curious, serve others, and spend a good amount of time outside my comfort zone. 

Entrepreneurship: the process of making an idea into the reality of an impactful and profitable business


Brendan Bailey

Hello, I am Brendan Bailey,
I am the new VP of Finance for the Entrepreneurship Club. I am an accounting major with aspiring dreams to run a giant organization in the future. Currently I am apart of two other clubs in the business school, Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma along with the Entrepreneurship Club. I am from San Diego, California and came to Fresno State to originally play football but decided to focus more on the academic side of college after 2 years in the sport. I now work at Duncan Enterprise as an accounting intern where I work in the accounts receivable department and the cost accounting department. One of the highlights of going to Fresno State was being able to go to Spain this past summer and study abroad. My definition of an entrepreneur uses the Chinese characters 危机 which are for the English word "Crisis". The first character means danger and the second character represents opportunity. Therefore, without the danger there cannot arise the opportunity.
Entrepreneurship: danger with opportunity.